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D Gray man Hallow Episode 1

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01 "The 14th"
"14 Banme" (14番目) 
July 4, 2016
After finishing an Innocence retrieval mission in a graveyard, Allen Walker and fellow Exorcists head to the newly built Headquarters for the first time. Upon reaching the Headquarters, Allen is greeted by Inspector Malcolm C. Rouvelier. Binding Allen's left arm with seals, Rouvelier has Allen brought before his master, General Cross Marian. Cross tells Allen that he will soon become the host of the 14th Noah. The 14th was killed by the Earl after his betrayal, and was also the younger brother of Mana Walker, Allen's late adoptive father. After telling Allen that he would kill someone important to him once he became the 14th, Cross left. Cross is later seen heavily injured in his room before disappearing. 

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